RLAN Internet WIFI Hotspot

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You a free or paid (your decision) has to offer Internet service with so that the necessary regulatory approvals of the acquisition should not be addressed, the service can be started immediately!

You a free or paid (your decision) Internet service with nElege can have a low-grade Wi-Fi routers megbízhatatlanságából? Want to give guests a high quality service? You can choose the R-LAN WiFi hotspot service!

  • Broadband Internet PCs with modern LCD Flat-screens, Printers, Scanners, Webcam
  • High-speed network, reliable operation, high availability, 24-hour support and repair within one day
  • Laptop/Notebook/Phone stations with LAN and/or wireless access (up to 1000mbps speed)
  • Site survey, engineering design and construction for quality professional services
  • WPA2 or password protected to prevent unauthorized communication and unauthorized uses
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